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Our Gold Medal Win for the Best Flat Cloth Nappy in Australia 2016

So we were very proud this month to receive the Consumer Voted Award for BEST FLAT CLOTH NAPPY from the Australian Nappy Association.

A flat Nappy at it’s simplest is a single layer of fabric in a square shape. Towelling or Bamboo are the most absorbent but many Traditional Cloth Nappy Lovers still like the flannelette or Muslin fabrics.

At Nature’s Child, you may already know that Organic Cotton is our priority because of our Zero Waste, Zero Harm Mission which underlies all our manufacturing. Combining this philosophy with the notion of BEST QUALITY, we created an amazing towelling fabric which we are just so proud of. This nappy lasts more than one child effortlessly and we love hearing from people that tell us they have had the nappies for 10 yrs or more. Thank you!!

It means a lot to us that you love our nappies because we know that you could just spend $25 for a dozen of cheapie down at the local department store. Those that do often make up their minds about flat nappies based on these inferior products that are great in the beginning, but wear out quickly and are not very absorbent after multiple uses. It gives cloth nappies a bad name!

Cheap Nappy Products are what push people back to disposables. Cheap Cloth nappies do not work for long! They are just cheap. That is their primary quality. The fabrics are bleached and contain multiple chemicals that erode the fibres and hurt gosh knows how many people in the process of manufacturing.

Unlike fitted cloth nappies, the flat cloth nappy can be folded in a variety of ways to suit your personal style, your babies age and absorbency requirements. There are lots of great you tube videos you can look up to learn new folds. Trial and error is the best way to find out which fold is best for you.

One of my favourite flat cloth nappy uses is what I call the “laying around position” LOL! This is when you have baby naked on a warm day, laying around on a flat towelling nappy to catch any accidents.

So all of this is a long way of saying THANK YOU to every voter and ever future user. Not only do we know how happy you will be with our products, we know that you care about our environment and are happy using a product that has not been washed or grown with harmful pesticides.

Quality and Safety will always be the most important factors for us in designing organic baby products for your baby and our planet.

PS: By the way….we also got runner up for BEST NAPPY CREAM in the same awards with our super famous bottom balm so lots of smiles around our Nature’s Child Office in Byron Bay this week 🙂

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